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JOMBA JUMP LIVE - Woodhouse College

27/07/2024 9:15 am -10:00 am

JOMBA JUMP LIVE - Woodhouse College

03/08/2024 9:15 am -10:00 am

JOMBA JUMP LIVE - Woodhouse College

10/08/2024 9:15 am -10:00 am



JOMBA Creator / Instructor

"My goal is to encourage people to reach their maximum both in mind and body. My passion for my job is to inspire people to live life to the fullest. There cannot be any excuse for having fun!"


JOMBA Instructor

"I believe strongly in pushing your mind and body to its limits. With carefully selected music and routines and positive energy, my goal is to make you fall in love with JOMBA the way I did!"


JOMBA Instructor

"In a fun and enjoyable way, I'll help you to push yourself to your limits and reach the point where impossible doesn't exist. Always with a smile and positive attitude, I'll help you adjust the exercise to your own level!"



 "Being a customer at JOMBA, loving the fun and energy made me become an instructor. My aim is to create buzzing energy and make all customers smile that way I know I am doing a good job!"



"Strong and keen runner and cross-trained trampoline jumper. An energetic and fun loving person who likes to gain, foster and maintain loyal relationships between new and current customers within JOMBA brand. Come and jump with JOMBA."


JOMBA Instructor

"I’m full of positivity and passion, bringing my full self to each class. I promise you fun and laughter delivering eclectic and versatile JOMBA routines and styles."



JOMBA Instructor

"I am dedicated to JOMBA and passionate about the dynamic fitness program. Don’t be surprised if you lose sight of one of the highest intensity workouts available because you are having such a great time!"

JOMBA Fitness Tank Top


JOMBA Fitness Tank Top


Our Story

We are a brand that was set up to push you out of your comfort zone in an era where its important to have fun and get the most from your life.  
We created JOMBA in 2017, after meeting The Fiena Group*, and are committed to making your fitness dreams come true.

*The Fiena Group - private members club for women only in London and brand management for female entrepreneurs and women in business.

‘We believe that city professionals, trendsetters and adventurers require something more in the city. Something fun, packed with adrenaline and this is what we are here to bring you. Our mission is to inspire you with the latest craze. We can’t wait to have you on board of our journey to try and change your life through Jumping in the city!'